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In the design of ergonomic seated and recumbent systems, people are our point of departure. Not just people who we must necessarily provide with support, but people who move around in their sleep. It is an incorrect presumption that we must keep people
immobile when they are sleeping, because it is assumed they will sleep better that way. In fact the contrary is true – one’s movement must be unrestricted when one is sleeping.

Not being able to move is not healthy for people when sleeping. We are therefore not
advocates of mattresses that contain too many zones or that react to body heat and allow the mattress to as it were ‘mould’ itself around a person’s body.We call these systems passively adjusting systems. Conversely, there are the actively adjusting systems of FlowSleeping. They respond to the sleeper’s body shape, which exerts pressure on the mattress. They adjust immediately to the change in the position of the sleeper. Moreover, up and down movement is minimal, they do not sag and they have a long lifespan.

Experience the comfort of a Flowsystem yourself

At our dealers, you can experience the comfort of a Flowsystem yourself. They have demonstration beds that have bands that can be electronically adjusted. Once you have chosen a FlowSleeping sleep system, the bands can be easily adjusted manually. The instruction manual describes exactly how you must do this. All FlowSleeping sleeping systems carry a guarantee of ten years. The motors of the electrically adjustable bases carry a guarantee of two years.

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