How do the sleep systems work?

Flow systems consist of a frame with straps assembled on the inside of the long sides of the bed. These straps roll over the contact points.

There are three straps on each side. They can be adjusted separately, to support the shoulders, the pelvis and the legs. A free moving base is placed on these straps, with discs (Flowform) or slats (Interflow); this base consists of nine elements.

interflow handverstelflowform handverstelbaar

When weight is placed on one element, by a hip or shoulder, this element will press down, and take away the pressure. The adjoining elements will rise, and offer support for the lower back, waist and knees, matching the needs of the body.

When the sleeping person changes position, the pressure is redistributed and taken off the pressure parts; the system re-adjusts. This is all done automatically and without any sounds, you won’t notice a thing


It is a very special experience, feeling how your body is carried and supported naturally, without being ‘held down’ by memory foam or predesigned shapes from slatted bases and hard/soft suspension. It is now easy to change your sleeping position; your shoulders and hips are given ample room and are no longer cramped and uncomfortable. You will always be able to adapt the system to your needs, now and in the future. No swell, no forced support, no pressure, only natural rest.

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