A bit more about natural latex






The natural latex interiors of our mattresses are made from 100% sap of the rubber tree.

Nothing is added, no filling materials and no synthetic latex.
This is significantly different from what is sometimes advertised as 100% latex; that can also mean synthetic latex.
Ask questions if you are unsure, and don’t let people tell you that 100% natural latex does not exist.

Many misconceptions exist about real natural latex.
To set the record straight: the ventilation capacity of our natural latex cores is more than excellent. Due to the open cell structure (that looks like the cell structure of bread) and the ventilation channels and holes, natural latex offers very good air circulation.

Real natural latex cores have an exceptional point elasticity, i.e. they are better suited than any other material to counter a point load (for instance the load of a shoulder). The elasticity makes these the best mattress cores to use on an electrical bed base.

Real natural latex cores do not limit the natural desire to change position, but instead support the impulse to turn around.

Real natural latex is a natural product. It is clean, antibacterial, virtually static-free and the life span far exceeds polyether, cold foams or pocket springs.

We keep emphasizing the real product; if it is not the real thing, these characteristics quickly diminish.

Natural latex was the most logical option. It fits in with our philosophy of adapting, supporting, flowing with the movements of the base, and the natural ventilation and insulation capacity.


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