Our mattresses

Our mattress covers are made from Tencel.  Tencel is a product that is made from wood and wood waste; it is stronger than cotton, and softer too. It also has a greater moisture absorption capacity than cotton. We also use a heavier canvas, also made from Tencel, but filled with a combination of cotton and pure wool, which improves the insulation capacity. Both covers are knitted, giving them the flexibility and stretchability that fits the nature of natural latex.

Natural latex only

The Flow system mattresses are made from natural latex. The incredible flexibility and point elasticity (the capacity to deal with the protruding parts of the body) make this a very suitable material for our bases, and offer the body the necessary support.  The open cell structure and the countless number of ventilation channels, the antibacterial characteristics of the material, its sustainability and, last but not least, the environmentally friendly way the material is collected and processed, are the reasons why we prefer to use natural latex above all other materials.

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