Why Flowsleeping?

The main reason is that the Flowsleeping sleep system always maintains its support of your body whenever you change position during your sleep; it continuously adapts to your body position. The main rule for all your sleeping furniture is that it should never restrict your mobility. In general, sleeping and seating furniture appears to be created for dolls, not for people.

Many mattresses contain several hard and/or soft elements. There are mattresses with computer-generated settings for the slats, some mattresses contain viscose-elastic PU foam that is formed according to your body, and several other pre-shaped variations. All these systems appear to be intent on supporting you as immobile as possible, as if you were a doll, never moving at all.

It always fits your body

Separately adjustable zones


The Flowsleeping sleep systems have separately adjustable zones for the shoulder, pelvic and leg area. If you pack some extra pounds on your stomach and hips, other sleep systems will cause those parts to sag more into the mattress, which is detrimental for your side sleeping position. Manufacturers of mattresses and slatted bases will ‘help’ you by making the sleep systems a bit more inflexible in those areas.

This causes more pressure on your skin, muscles and bones. The Flowform System ensures that the ‘heavier’ parts of the body do not influence the lighter parts; the system is not less flexible, but instead creates more room. The vertical pressure is divided horizontally.


Created from natural materials

The contact area (the mattress) always consists of natural materials. People exchange moist, warmth and static electricity with their surroundings and the materials they surround themselves with. These are three very important functions; these processes must take place gradually and naturally. This is only possible when natural materials are used. In selecting a sleep system, please think about this: you may be wrapping yourself in polyether, PVC bags with water and heating, as well as steel wiring, for more than 30.000 hours (calculated on 8 hours of sleep per day).

Great relaxation

An important characteristic of our Flowsystems is that they have very little suspension. This may sound a bit odd, because the world of beds is flooded with spring mattresses, packed in box springs and covered with a top mattress, virtually ‘oozing suspension’.

A pocket spring is always depressed by the ‘protruding’ parts of the body, such as the shoulders and hips, and the buttocks, knees and elbows. Pressing a spring always causes a counter-pressure, and that counter-pressure is never exactly right. When you lie on your side, there is relatively much pressure on your shoulder and hip; when you lie on your back, the pressure is placed on other areas. Many people complain about lower back muscle ache when they lie in bed too long. This is often caused by ‘deflection tension’ in the large back muscles, caused by abnormal counter-pressure against the springs. The great sense of relaxation that people experience when they take place on a Flowsystem is due to the fact that there is no irregular counter-pressure; the system immediately adapts to the national position of the body of the person using the system. Your body can enjoy an incredible sense of well-being that is unparalleled by any other sleep system.

The Flowsleeping systems do not force your body into a certain position. They do not contain mattresses with certain zones or foams, nor do they use pre-programmed slat base elevations or indentations. When something is pre-programmed, on a mattress or base, it is automatically forcing the body into a position. The Flowform bases are only adjusted based on the flexibility that is required and useful to change and support the body shape of the user. Each Flowform has a self-regulating support function, and adapts to any position.  You determine the level of flexibility and support the system offers you.

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